Fine Art Nude Photography Workshop

Bodyscape Photography Workshop

Bodyscape Photography

Fine art nudes are about capturing the beauty of the human form.   Through the use of shadow and light you will bring out the beauty of your subjects.

You will learn a variety of lighting techniques to create various looks.  This workshop will show various poses and how light and camera angle can radically change the final result.  During the nude photography workshop you will give your camera a workout.

Classic styles such as bodyscapes and  silhouettes will be just a part of what we cover during the time we work.  Detailed instruction on how to pose for the various styles and how to set the lights.  Learn how to use simple light sets for dramatic results.

Then you will have time to take some photos yourself so you can apply the techniques demonstrated to make sure you understand them.  You will leave knowing how to apply what you’ve learned to your own photography.

This goal-driven Master Class explores studio based photography of fine art nudes.








Fine art nude photography workshop examples by Orcatek.

Fine art nude photography workshop








  • This workshop will be conducted at the Intermediate level.
  • You should know the basic operation of your camera.
  • You need to know how understand how to set aperture and shutter speed.

What to bring

  • A Digital SLR.
  • A set of lenses covering from 24mm to 200mm is ideal.
  • If you have a macro lens – bring it.
  • If you have a pocketwizard – bring it.
  • A tripod/monopod  (optional)
  • Laptop with Photoshop and a card reader.  (optional)
  • Your enthusiasm! (Humor scores bonus points.)