• “This was the best class I’ve taken on learning to use my new DSLR camera. I actually came home feeling confident that I could use the features in my camera and more importantly which ones to use when. I am finally going to be free from the “auto” mode on my camera and I couldn’t be more delighted. Thanks Dean for a great class.”
  • “Lots of time to pose, setup, and photograph the two models. It was fun meeting and talking with the others taking the class. Everyone had great cameras, took great pictures, and laughed and had fun. Dean’s Adobe CS5 Photoshop class showed us all what he does to produce great pictures to sell”.
  • “Thank you so much for putting together this opportunity to learn more about photography. My son and I learned so much from you on Tuesday, and we are very happy with our experience.As a teacher, I would like to compliment you on both your preparedness and your style of delivery. You are a great teacher, and I can clearly feel you desire to share your skill with others.”
  • “I thought the work shop was well worth the time and money. There were plenty of techniques to learn. I understand more now about setting up lighting and how to get those awesome shadows across the body”.
  • “The class was AWESOME! I learned a tremendous amount and alot more than I expected.”.
  • “I was impressed! This instruction was very informative .It covered everything I expected. Great setting,Very professional .I highly recommend taking classes from Dean Farrell. Thank you Dean”.
  • “I enjoyed this class!!! I have learned a great deal of information about my camera and feel that this has given me a great foundation to build upon. I expected to walk into a retail shop that taught classes not an actual studio! WOW!!! Talk about motivating. I look forward to future classes. Great Job, I will refer all my friends that are looking to learn about photography”.
  • “What a terrific class. I learned so many tips and techniques. Dean is awesome…and I am ready for the next class. Thanks!”.
  • “The instructor was very informative. Had me look at life in a different perspective, in a more artistic view point”.
  • “Dean was very good and the material was easy to understand. I liked that he dedicated time to teach according to the settings of each camera. I’m looking forward to take more classes with him”.
  • “Excellent communicator! Great and practical information for beginner SLR owners. Got the students involved and made sure each one was able to work with their camera during the learning process. All info presented was usefull, not fluff about what a great photographer he was……but his work is really outstanding!!!!!!! Have already recommended Orcateck Photography to fellow workers”.
    – Jenni
  • “Dean just wanted to say thanks so much for the class on Saturday. So much information and I had so much fun. It didn’t help that I usually upload my pics and have them rated, usually get maybe a few 5 star photos. After the class on Saturday, I took everything I learned to a shoot on Sunday afterward, uploaded 24 pics 22 of them were rated 5 stars, and the other 2 were 4. :). Thanks so much you are a great teacher!”.
    – Lakeicia
  • This meeting is wonderful even for those advanced amateur’s that are experienced. There was time to go over the camera and lens functions, a review of proper model and people posing, and tips and tricks from an experienced photographer in his studio.
    – Thomas
  • I thought the workshop was very well done. The instructor was well prepared and kept the workshop interactive, which is a must. I’ll be attending future workshops.
    – Chris
  • This was a great class and Dean Farrell did an awesome job teaching us. We all had cameras that were more advanced than just point and shoot so he customized the class for us! Thanks for an information packed morning!
    –  Amy
  • Had a great time and learned a ton. Went through so many lighting setups. From soft light and hard light, back light to vintage light. The model was easy to work. I would take this class again.
    – Jeremiah
  • Was a great class for exactly what I needed. I was brand new to Photoshop and the instructor understood that and met me at my level. Although he obviously knows his stuff, I still felt he understood where I was at as a beginner.
    – Clarine
  • I thought Dean did an excellent job at going through the camera’s functions. I certainly left knowing a lot more about my own camera than I did when I got there. I will very likely attend future workshops offered by Orcatek Photography.
    – Chris
  • “I took my very first photography class this past weekend with Dean at his Tempe studio, and I have to say that it was very pleased with the class from beginning to end. Dean is a great instructor, very hands on, which makes you want to learn more in class and especially out in the real world as you practice to take better photos. Thank you Dean!”,
    – Shea
  • “Many many thanks for a great workshop!  It not only met, but exceeded my expectations.  Your hard work and willingness to share, teaching style and mannerisms created a magical two days!”,
    – Peter
  • “Thanks you so much for an amazing workshop.  You were so willing to take the time help with the little details.”
    – Wendy
  • “You are so much fun.  I had a great time at your workshop and learned so many great tricks.  I can’t wait for the next one.”,
    – Martin