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Introduction to Photography DSLR and Mirrorless

Learn to use your DSLR, Mirrorless or Bridge camera in 4 hours. ...[Read More]
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Gift Certificate

Gift certificates can be used for classes, workshops, photo sessions, print or any other product or service we offer. There is no cash back on gift certificates. ...[Read More]
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Business of Photography 2/17 8:30 AM

Photography can be a fun business or a hobby that generates some money. Either way this course will cover the all the key areas related to the business of photography.• Ways to make money• Marketing• Website Design• Pricing• Legal• Accounting• And mu...[Read More]
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Reschedule fee if student did not cancel class within 24 hours for class. Remember to cancel prior to 24 hours to avoid this fee, our classes often are sold out and we want everyone to have a chance to attend. ...[Read More]
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Creative Photography

Learn the secrets of creative photography thru lecture and labs. 4 hours. This is the art of photography....[Read More]
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Gift Certificate Private Lesson 1 hour

Gift certificates for private instruction on basic topics. Each $75 is valid for one-hour at our studio of private instruction....[Read More]
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Fashion Photography 12 Weeks

This is a 12 week workshop on Tuesdays starting at 3PM and running till about 7PM depending on weeks topic. We will be shooting almost every week. There will be reviews of your work each week and assignments. Some of the topics include CatalogLook Bo...[Read More]
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Private Introduction Photography Class 2.5 hours

This a private version of the introduction to photography class. It covers the same material as the group class and last about 2.5 hours. This is for up to 3 people, so you can share the private lesson if you like....[Read More]
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