Apr 28 2014

Very full class for Introduction to Photography

Very full class for the introduction to photography class where beginners learn to use their cameras.

Digital Photography Class for Beginners

Digital Photography Class for Beginners

Apr 19 2014

SCC Fashion Photograph Class

SCC Fashion photography class made it’s annual visit to the studio to shoot.

SCC Fashion Photography Class

SCC Fashion Photography Class

2014-04-19 11.29.24

Apr 12 2014

Another fun class for DSLR Introduction

We had a great class for our introduction to photography class.


Full class in phoenix for introduction to digital photography dslr

Introduction to digital photography class

Apr 3 2014

Getting Creative

Secrets of Creative Photography is always one of my favorite classes.  I love to see how my students move into the creative mode.  And when they do, it’s pretty amazing breakthrough for many of them.

Students of creative photography class after paper test

We love/hate the paper test

Mar 22 2014

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Students learned the basics of studio lighting in our introduction class.  What different lights did, and how to use them.

Sample lights for studio lighting workshop

Lights, are you ready

Mar 20 2014

Weekday classes are smaller

Prefer a smaller class, weekdays tend to be smaller as these two classes show.

2 students learn about digital photography

Just 2 Students

Beginners learn to use digital camera in class

Almost private

Mar 15 2014

Everyone wants to learn

Great class, curious students.   Sure we ran a little overtime, but that’s our policy.   We teach classes on material, not by the clock.  So if we get tons of questions and the class runs long, we are happy to teach.

Awesome Photography Students learn about camera

Awesome Photography Students

Mar 13 2014

Fine Art Nude Workshop Mid-March

Had a great fine art nude workshop today. Perfect student to model ratio. We had 2 models and 8 photographers. This made sure that everyone got great photos.

Fine art nude workshop photographers at work

Getting the shot

Everyone gets a shot

Everyone gets a shot

Mar 2 2014

Great Photography Class

Introduction to photography class is a full house again.  Glad to see so many wanting to learn.

Students in Tempe photography class

Photography Students

Feb 8 2014

Learn to use your DSLR camera like they did!

Photography students learn how to use DSLR camera!


Students learn dslr camera in photography class

Learning DSLR camera in class